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Butterfly Effect Facial (Lymphatic Facial Therapy)

Skin Nourishment like no other, feed your skin from within for your best skin yet. Harnessing the power of your lymphatics system this facial detoxifies the skin, stimulates the delivery of essential nutrients and fortifies the skin with ingredients needed to thrive, heal and glow. Highly recommended for all skins, especially barrier impaired, sensitive skins. Inclusive of double cleanse, steam, lymphatic facial massage, lymphatic therapy, cloud mask and day product application and a detox tea to compliment the facial.

One Hour | $149.00

Angel Energy Facial

Nothing can compare to this indulgent facial experience, created to deliver complete relaxation and nourishment of mind, body & soul. Each element selected with angelic energy in mind, aromatherapy purity cleanse and steam, Hydrodermabrasion, Dermaplaning, head, neck & facial massage, illuminating hydro-jelly mask, LED light therapy and a golden elixir to conclude. 

90 Minutes | $139.00

Golden Aura Facial

If glowing skin is your goal then look no further. The Golden Aura facial includes Hydrodermabrasion followed by Dermaplaning to create the perfect dewy skin glow. Inclusive of a double cleanse and steam, facial massage, collagen mask and day-care product application. Concluded with a herbal tea refreshment to finish.

One Hour | $119.00


Antioxidant Cacao Facial

This facial encompasses the powerful effects of antioxidant cacao to Nourish, Hydrate and Reinvigorate the skin. Leaving your skin plump and glowing. This facial is inclusive of a double cleanse and steam, facial massage, gentle lactic peel, cacao therapy mask, hot towel and day-care product application. Herbal tea refreshment to conclude your experience.  

One Hour | $119.00

Transformative Peel

This peel treats skin concerns ranging from aging, sun damaged and pigmented skins, and also treats acne, oily breakout prone skins. Its also the perfect peel for skins seeking a glow up! Minimal discomfort, mild flaking for 5-7days post and incredible results! Watch as your skin feels plumper and more hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles are faded, areas of congestion dry up and spots are diminished. Inclusive of a double cleanse, steam, peel, hydro-jelly mask and LED.

One Hour | $129.00

Rose Quartz Facial

Coming Soon....

High Performance Treatments:

Skin Needling 


Advanced Peels


We also offer skin modalities on their own such as traditional microdermabrasion, skin needling, dermaplaning, high frequency, a wide range of advanced peels, hydrodermabrasion, LED light therapy.

We also offer a range of Luxe Beauty Services such as Brow Sculpting, Lash Lifting and Tinting, Swedish Relaxation Massage and More!

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